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Tuesday, May 5

Secret of Semar: Part 8a – Ancient Secrets

The potion allowed Kham to climb down the sheer forty-foot drop that ended in a large cavern. The mustiness of ages wafted upward and the stench of things that even death had forgotten offended him in ways even the recent battle of Semar did not.

Sebastian flew in above Kham. Emric slid down the rope behind him.

The natural cavern was actually a large chamber, hewn from the living rock of the land. The walls were decorated with serpent motif bas-relief artwork and decorations. Further in the back, pillars designed to appear like large snakes glistened in the meager light afforded by the opening above.

A hulking Agamis ss’ressen pounded forward to meet them. Vlad and Beldin arrived a few seconds later.

Off to the south were a dozen organic-looking bags, lifted off the floor and interconnected to each other by mucous covered tubes that resembled intestines more than anything else. Arranged upon a low dais, surrounding a seatless throne crafted for the coils of a serpent, were a dozen of the same glyph-etched stone urns.

Behind Ffasheth was a stone relief of a bloated, jellyfish-like monstrosity that encompassed the entire cavern. Kham recognized it.

“Spawn of the Unspeakable One,” whispered Kham. [MORE]


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