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Wednesday, May 6

Secret of Semar: Part 8b – Ancient Secrets

Kham’s pupils adjusted to the dark. It wasn’t the darkness he was accustomed to. The darkness was literally a vacuum of light, so dark that staring with his eyes open almost hurt. If he couldn’t see, Kham would have closed his eyes.

But he COULD see. His mind tore through the possibilities as his body continued to move. Ffashethh was already pressing the advantage. Emric seemed completely unhindered. Vlad held his own, taking slow, methodical swings to defend himself. Beldin flailed, swinging blindly in front of him. From the looks of how the Agamis was reacting, it wasn’t much better off.

The animated statues, however, were not so encumbered.

It was Daemonscar! The breastplate Kham picked up in Canceri gave Kham the ability to see in magical darkness, like a dark-kin…

Kham looked up. Sebastian, unhindered by the magical darkness, flapped like a giant bat, unleashing a blast of flames that somehow didn’t manage to illuminate anything despite the conflagration. It was all heat, no light. The fireball looked like a smudge with gradations of black and white.

The blast struck the bags, tearing them open. A torrent of stagnant liquid rushed out. A naked, dark-skinned human spilled to a halt in front of Kham.

Kahm hesitated. The smell of ammonia nearly overwhelmed him. But it wasn’t the stench that stopped him.

He stared down in horror. “Althares!” [MORE]


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