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Thursday, May 7

Secret of Semar: Part 8c – Ancient Secrets

The massive fresco of one of the Unspeakable One’s spawn glowed a sickly green color and slowly detached itself from the wall with a horrible sucking sound.

“Run!” shouted Emric.

Vlad drew a glowing gladius, the blade made of pure energy. “This weapon can take Carcosan beings down—“

Emric turned. “You can’t fight this! RUN!”

Kham was backpedaling. “But Emric, you can’t stop it either…”

Emric shook his head. “If it’s true, that I was manufactured by the Unspeakable One to betray you, then I won’t be able to fight this thing. And if I don’t have free will, I don’t want to live anyway.” He drew a thin longsword. “Sliver, don’t fail me now!”

Tentacles stretched and twisted towards Emric.

“Come on!” shouted Emric. He hacked at one of the tentacles. “Is that the best you’ve got?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:48 AM

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