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Wednesday, May 27

To Drakmar: Part 1 – The Plateau of Leng

They stood in the middle of a vast, featureless plain. The landscape beyond the gate was unexceptional in every way. Scanning the terrain, there was nothing to interrupt a vista of flat, frozen earth. It was very cold, and there was a dusting of snow on the ground but mercifully, no wind.

“I think we’re back in Kadath,” said Kham.

There was no sign of the portal they had stepped through. The keening had stopped. No features marked the edge of the tundra; no trees or mountains stained the horizons. It was night and thousands of stars were in the sky, each pure and sharp, a beautiful sight.

Sebastian looked up at the night sky. “Those are Arcanis constellations, but their relations have subtly changed.” The orange star Aldebaran was visible low, low in the sky, sitting just above the horizon.

Livius stood surrounded by the squatter tcho-tcho cannibals, a father amongst his warped children. He was tall and slim with dark hair. Despite being the progenitor of a play that had killed thousands, he looked normal, clean and shaven, and wore a white chuba. He smoked a cigarette.

“Hello again,” Livius addresses Kham. “I see you’ve come to stop me. Or have you been converted the One True Way?” [MORE]


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