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Tuesday, May 26

To Drakmar: Prologue

Stone trembled with the beat of a heart. Up ahead there was a ghost of pale light and a chill breeze. The corridor opened into a great, empty chamber. Entering, Vlad could finally straighten and stand. Kham entered behind him, Sebastian and Beldin soon after.

The crying was muted, but it didn’t matter anymore. Vlad knew that it was indeed a trick. Dril wasn’t calling to him. Dril hadn’t been there at all.

It took a moment to look into the light—weak as it was, it had an odd quality. It issued from a portal opposite. White and flat, it spilled into the cavern. Something moved there, not in the cavern but beyond it—through the doorway.

The cavern itself was a roughly circular space around sixty feet across and forty feet high. Four tunnels led into it, including the tunnel they had entered, a second and third close on either side of that, and the fourth on the other side of the cavern. The last held a great silhouette.

“What the hell is that?” asked Vlad.

A great bulk shifted sluggishly. With its elephant-like head and corpulent body it appeared to be some kind of nightmarish abomination. Its veined ears flared up, its trunk shifted, the round disc at its end questing. There was the faint sound like that of stone sliding across stone. Small creatures moved across it.

“I’d guess that’s Chaugnar Faugn,” whispered Kham. [MORE]


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