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Tuesday, May 5

Wild Hunt: Part 1 – My Dinner With Magnus

Magnus met them at an Asian fusion restaurant in SoHo called the "Itchi-Leng." The decor consisted of old brick walls, hardwood floors, timber ceilings, and paper lanterns, which lent the rooms some appearance of a Japanese country inn. Magnus recommended a hot dark broth served with half-cooked exotic vegetables, sesame seeds, and noodles. He ordered a dish of boned chicken, scallops, and blanched spinach, and as an appetizer avocado with shrimp in miso sauce.

“There is no doubt in my mind—we face the undead! However, the question is what sort—vampires are as varied as ice cream flavors...We must find proof before we tell the rest of the team, or they will dismiss us as madmen!”

Hammer rubbed his forehead. "You can't be serious."

"Deadly serious, I'm afraid," said Magnus with a bemused smirk. "You yourself staked a vampire."

Jim-Bean looked at Hammer. "Wait. What?" [MORE]


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