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Thursday, May 14

Wild Hunt: Part 10 – …Desperate Measures

The three agents staked out the policewoman, who walked down the alley as bait.

“You think this is actually going to work?” asked Archive. “If this killer is intelligent, would he really fall for this?”

“It doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything,” said Hammer. “But no, I don’t think this will work.”

“At least it will buy us some time to get a fix on him,” said Jim-Bean, staring through his binoculars at the alley across the street. “Those poor bastards don’t have a chance.”

Archive looked curiously at Jim-Bean. “Since when did you become so casual about sacrificing people?”

“Sacrificing people is right.” Jim-Bean lowered his binoculars. “We’re all that stands between total chaos and reality as we know it.” He laughed a bitter laugh. “If we have to sacrifice a ten or twenty people to save a thousand, so be it.”

“He’s right. We’re doing this for the greater good.” Hammer pursed his lips. “When did we become so cold?”

Jim-Bean lifted the binoculars again. “When I became the discarded class project of an alien research lab. [MORE]


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