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Saturday, May 16

Wild Hunt: Part 12 – Apocalypse Now

Located at 128 E. 98th Street and Lexington Avenue beneath the huge 55-story Teese Tissue Building, Club Apocalypse’s entrance was not marked in any way. Thirty-one steps wound down in a sharp curve leading to two large blue-steel doors, which were not visible from the top of the stairs. The Club usually opened at around ten o’clock, but the agents got there a little early.

Bouncers stood in their way.

Hammer snapped his badge. “Federal agents.”

The bouncer took a look at it. “Don’t care who you are. You’d better have a warrant if you want to get in here.”

Jim-Bean leaned forward. “I think you should let us in.”

The bouncer scratched his head, as if he had just remembered something. “Okay.”

As they passed in with their weapons intact, Hammer turned to Jim-Bean. “You’re scary sometimes, you know that?” [MORE]


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