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Sunday, May 17

Wild Hunt: Part 13 – Jesus Weeps

Gregor’s employer at Jesus Wept directed the agents to his squat. It was a crumbling old warehouse in the former downtown of old New York, located south of Canal Street, between Center and Baxter Streets.

Many walls had holes and other signs of decay. Along the outer walls were painted swastikas. Candlelight could be seen coming from the abandoned building.

Hammer kicked in the door. “Federal agents!”

People scattered. A few froze. They squatters included a few Goths, ravers, and ex-gang-type youth. A few teenage mothers with their babies hid in the adjoining rooms.

Jim-Bean collared one of squatters, a tough looking bald guy with a tattoo on one side of his face. “Not so fast.” The thug reached for a knife but Jim-Bean cocked his pistol and pointed it at his head. “Don’t even think about it.”

The thug dropped the knife.

“I’m not in the mood, so I’m going to ask you this just once. Where is Gregor?”

“F%$K YOU!” The thug spat at Jim-Bean.

Jim-Bean lowered his pistol from the thug’s forehead and fired at his calf. [MORE]


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