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Tuesday, May 19

Wild Hunt: Part 15 – Welcome to Partridgeville

“What do we have on Morton?” Jim-Bean asked Archive.

“We’ve got a short set of notes from the director of the lab,” said Archive. “One Llewellyn Crabwell. It discusses the director's difficulty in working with Morton. He described Morton as a top man in his field, but Morton's fascination with the occult worried Crabwell enough to keep an eye on him.”

“Not very useful,” said Hammer. “Where’s Melissa Morrow?”

“In Partridgeville, just like Alzis said,” said Archive.

“That dude freaks me out,” said Jim-Bean. “Seriously, he knew way too much.”

“Speaking of which,” said Hammer, eyes still on the road, addressed Archive, “the next time you mention Majestic-12 I will shoot you.” [MORE]


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