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Wednesday, May 20

Wild Hunt: Part 16 – Happy Halloween!

It was Halloween. Ravers and their friends and acquaintances were ready to partake of a night of drug-filled, music-blasting fun. They began to gather at Columbus Circle at 9 p.m. Hammer, Jim-Bean and Archive wore their Goth outfits and joined the procession.

Whenever around twenty people showed up, half of them begin walking the route. This prevented the police from noticing a large mass of people. Around two hundred people went to the rave in this manner.

At the beginning of the procession, a number of ravers drank a large amount of alcohol, and smoked some marijuana.
The route headed past the "haunted" apartment building of the film Ghostbusters, at 55 Central Park West and 66th street. Male ravers shouted things like "I am Vince Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer!" while females yelled "I am Zul, the Gate Keeper!" and engaged in provocative hugs and caresses. The ravers started to use ecstasy, crystal, GHB, LSD, and ketamine.

The route continued north to stop in front of the stately Dakota building, on 72nd street. One of the first fashionable West Side apartment buildings, the relatively squat building was better known as the place where Rosemary's Baby was filmed, and where John Lennon was shot. Ravers made various Satanic salutes and said things like "He has his father's eyes!" and "All them witches!" Ravers who had not yet used the typical raver drugs started to take them. Mushroom and PCP use started.

The ravers then headed over to the park itself, and traveled over the hilly stretch of parkland designated Strawberry Fields in the memory of John Lennon. Ravers mockingly sang Beatles tunes. Some ravers actually thought they were seeing John Lennon's ghost. Most ravers were actively using drugs and alcohol. They proceeded along a path toward the north side of the lake, toward the Ramble.

“Give me your pistols,” said Archive.

Hammer and Jim-Bean slipped him their weapons, and received them back a minute later after he had inscribed the Elder Sign on each weapon’s handle with a piece of chalk.

A few torch poles were planted around a small clearing. The stage and speakers were set up in a circle around the dance area. Large water bins were placed around for the ravers to keep drinking so they didn’t dehydrate.

The party began. The agents spread out amongst the crowd, staying in touch via their cistrons. The rest of the partygoers arrived throughout the night, about ten at a time.

“Now what?” shouted Archive into his comm, trying to look everywhere at once.

“Now, we wait,” said Hammer. [MORE]

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