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Thursday, May 7

Wild Hunt: Part 3 – My Scuffle With Magnus

“It’s not a Vrykolakas,” said Hammer.

Magnus continued. “The method of destroying them usually was with fire. Crosses and sunlight are not mentioned as being effective. Neither are stakes; many accounts describe vrykolakas being impaled over and over, beheaded and so on, and still returning to haunt the living. I recommend that the police arm themselves with holy water, flame-throwers, and flare guns.”

“Magnus,” said Jim-Bean. “It’s not a vrykolakas. It can’t be.”

“The word "vrykolakas" means "wolf-pelt wearer,” said Magnus.

Jim-Bean pounded one fist on the table. “It’s not a vampire damn it!”

Magnus stopped speaking. “And how do you know that?”

“Because I SAW it.”

Magnus’ eyes widened in surprise. “When?”

Jim-Bean started to speak then caught himself. “Doesn’t matter. I saw it. It looks nothing like a vampire or a vrykolakas. It has a tongue like a snake and its face is almost all jaws, no eyes or nose…”

“Wolf-like jaws,” exclaimed Magnus. ““This matches up with what the witnesses reported, a wolfish look of the vampire--”

Jim-Bean hauled off and slugged Magnus across the jaw. [MORE]


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