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Friday, May 8

Wild Hunt: Part 4 – Gregor and Co.

The three shadowy figures were heading into an alleyway connecting Mercer and Greene streets, between Spring and Broome.

Hammer pulled their car in front of the alley and hopped out. There were three tall, snarling, skinny men with fangs, dressed in black clothes and trench coats at the center of the alleyway.

“Federal agents!” shouted Hammer, flashing his badge. “Stop right there!”

The three started climbing a fire escape. A police car screeched to a halt, lights flashing, on the other side of the alley, weirdly illuminating the fleeing figures.

Hammer swore and holstered his pistols, climbing up after them.

“Jimmy!” shouted Hammer. “Cut them off!”

The Goths clambered up above him, onto the rooftop, only to bump into Jim-Bean. He was standing imperiously on the roof, pistol out. “Going somewhere?”

All three of them gasped. Then they bowed down. “Lord and master, we have searched you out so that you may bestow your gift upon us. Please bring us across.”

“What?” asked Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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