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Wednesday, June 10

Dead Letter: Part 10 – The Running Man

The main entrance to the mansion proper was a covered car port. The driveway ran directly from the inner gate under the car port and around the front, ending in a turnaround outside the garage. Employee cars lined the driveway. Broad, shallow stairs led from the car port up to ten-foot wide oak doors. Bloody footprints led to the doors. The terrible stench of rotting flesh lingered.

“This isn’t right,” said Hammer.

“I think the chemical leak was just triggered just now,” said Archive. “Whatever happened here has been going on for awhile.”

A man thumped softly on the mansion’s front door, smearing gore from his now-damaged hand. Only when he turned was his face visible; a bloody, eyeless, ruin.

“Zombies,” said Jim-Bean with a frown.

Hammer took careful aim and pumped several bullets into faceless thing. It jerked. With a moan, it whirled and began dashing toward them.

“Fast zombies,” said Hammer. “Great.”

They all opened up on it. The zombie pitched forward, its legs torn out from beneath it as gunfire perforated its knees. It fell to the ground, twitched a few times, and finally lay still.

“Fast zombies, dogs…” Guppy blinked. “This is just like Resident Evil!”

“You play too many video games,” said Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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