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Thursday, June 11

Dead Letter: Part 11 – Brains

Hammer kicked open double doors to a large, multipurpose space that had stacks of plastic chairs and folding tables against the walls, white boards, a speaker system, and a wooden floor.

A guard from the second floor study and all the Research Vice Presidents were present. One female still wore her glasses, but her face and arms bore terrible bite wounds, her left ear torn off. A stocky, red-haired Caucasian woman in her early thirties lurched forward with a broken neck and her skull slightly misshapen. A frail sixty-year old Caucasian man’s head had been crushed and his jaw dislocated. The others bore similar bite wounds; clearly the dogs and zombies had gone to work on each other before succumbing.

“Back! Back!” shouted Hammer. He yanked the door shut just as the zombies slammed into it.

They retreated down the hallway.

“Bathroom!” shouted Jim-Bean. He sprayed the hallway just as zombies stumbled out into it. But they were ineffective, and the zombies fell over each other as they dashed towards them in pursuit.

They ducked into nearest restroom. It was one of those bathrooms with no doors.

Hammer fired a burst at one zombie as it reached the opening. Its head burst open like an overripe fruit. “There’s too many!” he shouted over his shoulder. “Archive, they’re all yours!”

He spun out of the doorway and back into the rest room as Archive slid out to face the zombie horde.

“By the power of the Elder Sign, I repel you!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:40 AM

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