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Monday, June 15

Dead Letter: Part 13 – Hasta la Vista, Baby

Gunfire erupted down below them in the security office.

“What the hell is going on down there?” shouted Jim-Bean.

Archive caught sight of a huge man in a full-body dark-green Kevlar body suit. It covered his body from head to toe. A swastika was emblazoned on one arm.

“Karotechia!” said Hammer, shocked.

Straddling the now bleeding Guppy and unconscious Fiona, the Nazi aimed his Luger at Hammer at the top of the steps.

“'Bthnk! Ftaghu! Fhtagn!”

Archive pointed and the Nazi froze in place, his finger on the trigger.

“My turn.” Hammer took a running jump and flipped over in the air down the steps, landing right in front of the big Nazi. With both pistols out, he put them to the Nazi’s chest and pulled the trigger.

The Nazi’s body jerked as the bullets sparked off of him, ricocheting around the security room. Hammer spared his Glocks a look of disbelief before he ducked for cover as the other Nazi stormtroopers fired at him. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:34 AM

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