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Tuesday, June 16

Dead Letter: Part 14 – It’s Been a Blast

“Gogogo!” Jim-Bean ran.

The horde had swelled to include every zombie in the facility, over one hundred, clawing and screeching, stumbling over each other to get to the sweet flesh.

The agents skidded out into the main hall. They were surrounded. The zombies began to moan softly, tightening the noose as they closed in on their prey.

“BY THE POWER OF THE ELDER SIGN!” shouted Archive. He thrust the phylactery before him and the zombies, as one, were thrust backward as if hit by a wave of force. The sign was losing its efficacy against them.

They dashed for the door.

“Fiona!” shouted Jim-Bean. “Throw Guppy’s satchel behind you. Now!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:09 AM

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