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Friday, June 5

Dead Letter: Part 5 – My Friend Fiona

“What do you know about ABC?” she asked.

“Not much,” said Jim-Bean. “We know that ABC is an aggressive bio-technology research and production firm that seeks to patent new drugs and chemicals which have applications to human and animal medical needs. They also subcontract their chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities, producing orders for customers around the world.”

Fiona shook her head. “That’s just scratching the surface. The long-term corporate goal is to turn their own production facilities to the production of patented drugs that ABC produces.” She pulled out her Macbook Pro and booted it up, tapping a few keys. “ABC currently has twenty-tree drug patents pending. They are particularly interested in drugs that affect the central nervous system: anti-psychotics, anti-seizure medication, etc. Their first commercial product, currently undergoing FDA review, is a drug used to revive long-term coma patients. They’ve also been seeking artificial neurotransmitters which could be used to ‘bridge the gap’ in severed nerve ganglia. But they’ve been burning through money like mad with their research division.”

“I think that research has resulted in something,” Jim-Bean searched for the right word, “unnatural.”

“Unnatural how?” asked Fiona.

“Jason Jawolalski was dating a woman, Lucinda Ennis. She received a chemical from Jawolalski that she used reanimate her father’s corpse—“

“Stop right there. Did you say ‘reanimate’?”

Jim-Bean nodded. “Her father, Henry Ennis, killed several people in the town of Runville, Massachusetts, before he was finally destroyed.” The reality was that a Majestic-12 retrieval team had ferried the animated corpse off to a containment facility. There was no stopping Henry Ennis. “This chemical, called Sapphire, reanimates dead tissue. It took us awhile before we were able to track Jawolalski down. By the time we caught up with him, he was dead.” That was a lie too – Jawolalski was killed by the protomatter enlarged Phyllis Kraygen, but the details were unimportant. “Before his car was impounded, we found a box. A box that moved.”

Fiona leaned forward, intrigued. “What was in the box?”

Jim-Bean kept his expression grim. She was falling for it. “An animated dog’s head.”

Fiona gasped. The death of Jawolalski meant nothing her. But to kill a dog… [MORE]


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