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Saturday, June 6

Dead Letter: Part 6 – The A Team

Fiona’s team consisted of Keith Bass, contributing editor; scruffy socialist and self-styled ecological Che Guevara and Dwight Jenkins, gofer, receptionist, part-time environmentalist and full-time horn dog. Jim-Bean guessed blowing up ABC was right up Bass’ alley. As for Jenkins, he undoubtedly hoped blowing up ABC would be right up Fiona’s alley.

Sure enough, they picked up Guppy just before getting on the road. Hammer was careful to leave Guppy in front of the Samson police station just in case.

Fiona drove. Jim-Bean sat in the passenger seat.

“You got any weapons?” asked Jim-Bean.

Fiona shook her head. “Just pepper spray.”

Guppy rubbed his eyes. “As dangerous as I know you are with that, I think I can help.” He opened up his jacket. There were sticks of C-4 along with detonators.

The others gasped.

“Where did you get that much explosives?” asked Dwight.

“Oh I carry it with me,” said Guppy nonchalantly, patting a satchel full of explosives.

Dwight and Keith exchanged glances but kept their mouths shut. [MORE]


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