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Sunday, June 7

Dead Letter: Part 7 – The B Team

Hammer and Archive flew ahead of Fiona’s team to scope out the plant.

ABC’s Gemstone facility was located at the end of a six-mile-long private access road off County Road 464. The facility was within ten miles of the Canadian border, which local Blackfeet still referred to as “the Medicine Line.” The Milk River ran past the facility and supplied it with water. There was also a rail line which crossed the Milk River and headed into Canada. The property was surrounded by an outer fourteen-foot chain link fence topped by razor wire and an inner twelve-foot fence also topped with wire. The two fences were separated by a thirty-foot wide kennel run; guard dogs patrolled the kennel run at night. The fences surrounded an area of about fifty acres.

The Gemstone facility consisted of a set of four low-lying bunkers arranged in a cloverleaf design around a central fifth building. The central building, known as the Aguas Mansion, included the administration offices, data processing, a security office, six research-project labs, cafeteria, medical center, and emergency decontamination facilities. Each of the four surrounding bunkers was a production unit.

There were also a few outlying buildings, including the waste-incineration building, the temporary staff quarters, the dog kennel, and the security annex and vehicle garage.

“The central building is a huge Chateauesque structure begun in 1901 and completed in 1903, built by a magnate from America’s Industrial Revolution,” said Archive. It had cast-iron roof cresting and steeply pitched hipped roofs. Its stone walls were a mixture of French Renaissance and Gothic styles, and it had tall, elaborate brick chimneys. “In the 1950s it was converted to a sanatorium. ABC purchased the mansion and surrounding olive grove in 1993.”

“A sanatorium,” snorted Hammer, peering through a scope of the sniper rifle. “Why am I not surprised?” [MORE]


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