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Tuesday, June 9

Dead Letter: Part 9 – Who Let the Dogs Out?

Howls and growls echoed all around them, an interruption to the staccato beat of the alarm that rang across the facility.

“Guard dogs?” asked Fiona, pointing her revolver everywhere at once.

“Worse,” said Jim-Bean.

A bluish-red hound, its flesh torn and hanging, lurched from the darkness and slammed Keith to the ground. He unloaded Jim-Bean’s Glock into its stomach, but the thing didn’t even react. It bit hold of Keith’s face and worried his head like an old rag.

Jim-Bean fired his HK in a spray, peppering the hound with bullets. Its head exploded and it fell off of the bloody mess that was Keith.

“I need a weapon!” wailed David. “Keep them off me!”

Jim-Bean didn’t get the chance to celebrate his victory. Something big and wet slapped into his back, knocking him to the ground. He rolled as teeth snapped at his face.

It was another hound. Jim-Bean struggled to maneuver the HK into position but he didn’t have room. It bit down hard on his arm. He screamed.

The hound’s head exploded. Fiona stood over Jim-Bean, both hands on the revolver, the barrel still smoking.

“Thanks,” said Jim-Bean with a smile.

“That was close,” said David, clearly shaken. “What happened to Keith?” He took a closer look. “Oh Jesus, look at his face! LOOK AT HIS FACE!”

Keith had no face. [MORE]


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