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Monday, June 1

Drakmar: Part 6 – The King in Yellow’s Path to Arcanis

The King in Yellow was a thin figure, more than eight feet tall. He had human proportions and shape and wore tattered robes of yellow and white that whipped around him in a non-existent wind. His cowl was up, throwing a deep shadow over his face. Long sleeves covered his hands and arms that fell by his sides. His attention seemed at the same time focused and distant.

As Kham watched him, the hood momentarily flapped back as if in a breeze, and just for an instant showed a black space where the King’s face should be—here were depths unimaginable, deeper than the sky, and there was a brief sensation of falling.

The King’s words were heard and understood in their minds.

“Who will guide me?”

They all looked to Kham. This was his task to complete, they said without speaking. He was the key, after all.

Kham stepped forward.

“Give me your hand.”

Mesmerized, Kham could not refuse.

The King took Kham’s wrist, palm upward. In his other hand a small hooked knife appeared.

“Have you found the Yellow Sign?”

Kham nodded. The King cut Kham’s palm and held it out over the lectern that stood besides the Gate. The blood fell in a thin stream and though Kham’s hand didn’t move, the trail painted a perfect Yellow Sign on the marble. The light in the gate turned from white to blue. There was suddenly an unearthly keening that echoed all around.

The King let go of Kham’s wrist. He stood side by side with the ancient deity before the shrill gate, washed with its blue light.

“Will you guide me to your home?”

Kham paused. He couldn’t do it.

“NO!” he shouted. He reached for his pistols… [MORE]


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