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Wednesday, June 3

Drakmar: Part 8 – Escape

The healing potions worked on Kham’s flesh, but his throat wound seeped a vile yellow pus.

”We’ve got to get him out of here,” said Vlad. “Or he’ll die for sure.”

The gate pulsed with a white light. Vlad started dragging Kham towards it.

“Wait!” Beldin grabbed Vlad’s arm. “We need the Yellow Sign to be daubed in blood.” He cut a palm and dripped blood in a rough approximation of the Yellow Sign, as the tcho-tcho and the King in Yellow did.

Nothing happened.

The dwarf frowned. “It has to be human blood.”

“It has to be Kham’s blood. He’s the gate.” Vlad cut Kham’s palm, reopening the wound on his hand, and dripped the blood before the gate. [MORE]


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