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Sunday, June 7

Naoke: Part 1 – The Nǎoké

Ilmarė, in a small boat rowed by Mashudu, watched the pirates stare at each other in shock as her magic took hold. If there were any wizards on board, they wouldn’t be casting any spells.

But she hadn’t counted on the pirate captain. She was on the other side of the Nǎoké; with all the attention focused on Vlad and Beldin, they hadn’t seen her boat.

She slumped backwards, exhausted. It would have to be enough.

The crack of thunder boomed overhead and suddenly it started hailing around her. Mashudu bravely did his best to keep the rowboat steady, but it was a lost cause. She dove off the boat into the water; she was safer in the ocean than exposed in the rowboat.

Mashudu was not so fortunate. Seconds later, Cho Sun pointed at their tiny vessel and a swirling vortex pulled the rowboat under. She gasped for air, struggling to find the surface.

Osalian help us, she prayed. If not for me, then for my child.

A trail of bubbles streamed from her nostrils. She followed them heavenwards… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:24 AM

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