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Friday, June 19

Naoke: Part 11 – Heartbreak

Vlad looked glum. It was his turn to be lookout along with Brother Egil.

“You are troubled?” asked Egil.

“How can you tell?”

Egil smiled. “I know the heartbreak of romance. What happened?”

“I don’t know! That’s the problem!” Vlad rubbed his forehead. “I was late for one of our walks on the ship. I was still recovering from my injuries from that…thing Kham called Billy, on the island. I overslept.”

“So now Patricia’s angry with you?”

“Angry isn’t the word. She’s been staying in her cabin almost all the time. According to Yolanda, she’s suffering from seasickness. But I know that’s not true.”

Egil nodded sagely. “In my experience, one cannot rush such relationships.”

“You’ve had relationships?” Vlad stuttered. “With women, I mean?”

Egil chuckled. “No, but I have counseled many couples. My relationship is with Althares.”

Vlad coughed. [MORE]


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