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Monday, June 8

Naoke: Part 2 – Pirates

“I don’t care how good Baldric is,” muttered Ilmarė. She had her eyes closed, enjoying the warm temperature of Nyambe’s calmer seas. The sun felt good on her skin. “These pirates can’t be trusted.”

Kham rubbed his throat. It had been three days since they had boarded the Nǎoké. The men muttered to each other in Khitani. Only Kham could understand them, but he didn’t share what they said.

“They’re the only crew we’ve got.” Kham’s voice was still gravelly. “We gave them a choice: join us or be marooned. They joined us.” Sometimes it hurt to speak.

Ilmarė opened her eyes. “Then tell me how that ship got so close to us without the lookout spotting it.”

Kham blinked. “What…” He looked over the side. “…ship?”

“All hands to battle stations!” shouted Baldric. [MORE]


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