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Wednesday, June 10

Naoke: Part 4 – Whaler

“Ship to the starboard!” rang out from above as the Nǎoké approached a becalmed ship, her sails furled. The ship in question was listing badly to one side, nearly taking on water because of the severe angle of the deck.

“I don’t believe it,” said Vlad.

Hanging from a spar by a complicated assembly of block and tackle was the sea serpent they had encountered the day before. The beast was a pincushion of spears, bleeding from countless wounds. Into the open mouth, a man lowered a bucket and retrieved an oily substance that was transferred onto the deck to large barrels. The ship was alive with activity, despite the pervading smell of death.

“They stole my fish!” snarled Beldin.

“That be the Long Day’s Night, out o’ Freeport,” said Baldric. “Th’ ship and crew are well known as mariners o’ exceptional skill and whale hunters unparalleled.”

Ilmarė sneered. “A disgusting habit. Osalian’s creatures should not be harvested in such a fashion.”

“I know this ship,” said Kham. “Their captain, John Amos, has a knack for avoiding dangerous seas. Wonder what he’s doing out here?” [MORE]


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