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Thursday, June 11

Naoke: Part 5 – The Isle of Song

Clem reached him a moment later. “Do you hear that?”

Kham sifted through the debris. “Hear what?”

“The singing. They’re calling us.”

“Calling us?” He looked at Clem. “You okay?”

Clem reached down and snatched something out of the nest.

“What have you got there Clem?” Kham’s hands slowly moved to his pistols.

“Nothing. We have to go to them. Can’t you hear them?”

Kham froze. He could hear something. Calling him. Tempting him. It was mixed in with the crashing of the waves, but it was soft and beautiful and longing.

“I think we should go.”

“Yes!” Clem clutched whatever it was in his hand to his breast. “We must go to them!” He started to walk off the side of the cliff.

Kham put one hand on Clem’s shoulder.

“Don’t try to stop me!” The man spun around and stabbed Kham in the arm with a sliver of what looked like glass. [MORE]


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