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Friday, June 12

Naoke: Part 6 – Sea Spider

Vlad squinted out at the ocean. It was his turn to be on watch. Eight days had passed since the journey began, and there was something to see almost every day.


Beldin, who couldn’t see quite as high over the rail, kept him company.

“We’ve encountered just about everything the Pale Sea can throw at us,” the dwarf said gruffly. “Sirens. Sea serpents. Pirates. I thought for sure that island we were on was going to turn out to be a giant turtle.”

“You thought that too?” Vlad laughed. “Captain Baldric says we’re a third of the way there. Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.”

Beldin grunted. “I doubt that. I have half a mind to become a pirate myself.”

“With that ring you took off of Cho Sun, you probably could be.”

Beldin looked down at his feet. “Did you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

Dripping saltwater, the huge furry leg of an arachnid slapped onto the deck, sending sailors flying.


Two huge fangs were visible next, topped by a crown of beady black eyes.

“Sea spider!” someone shouted.

“Sea spider?” Vlad asked in disbelief. “Seriously?” [MORE]


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