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Monday, June 15

Naoke: Part 7 – Soothsayer

It was the elorii’s turn to stand watch when she sounded the alarm. In the distance, two hundred yards off the starboard stern, a great geyser erupted from the ocean’s surface. At first it appeared to be a whale emitting air through its blowhole, but after a moment it became apparent that the phenomenon was all together different.

“What is that?” asked Vlad.

The jet of water rose thirty feet into the air, its source remaining hidden beneath the surface. The water was a majestic white plume and it sparkled as if motes of silver were contained in its stream.

“The Oracle of Osalian,” Ilmarė said in awe. “We must go to it.”

“Go to it?” Kham looked at the elorii sideways. “Didn’t you say before that you weren’t rowing out to any other islands?”

“This is different. The Oracle of Osalian has not appeared for hundreds of years. It is a sign of Osalian’s blessing that he has chosen to reveal its presence to me. I shall go alone.”

“Oh no you don’t,” said Kham. “I’m going with you.”

Beldin was already helping winch the rowboat down to the surface of the ocean. “We’re both going.”

They rowed out to the geyser. It stood immobile like a pillar, unwavering in its motion.

“Now what do we do?” asked Beldin.

”We must touch—“

But before Ilmarė could finish speaking, Kham dove into it… [MORE]


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