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Tuesday, June 16

Naoke: Part 8 – Needful Things

The lookout spotted an approach vessel. The ship flew the colors of Freeport.

“Looks like an unarmed merchant schooner,” said Baldric. “Crazy Bob! Flag her down!”

Crazy Bob used semaphore flags to contact the ship. In a few minutes, the two vessels were exchanging greetings and presently pulled abreast of each other. On the schooner’s hull were painted the words, “Jungle Scout”.

To their surprise, Aljandros Haddon stepped out onto the deck. He was a fabric merchant they had encountered on so many other occasions.

“Aljandros?” asked Kham. “You old dog, what are you doing out here?”

“My friend, is that you?” Aljandros seemed genuinely surprised. “It is! And you’re alive! That is wonderful!”

“How’s the family?” asked Vlad.

Aljandros turned serious. “They are with me, including my daughter.” He nodded back at the Jungle Scout. “It is no longer safe in Freeport these days for an aspiring merchant like myself.”

“We heard you had plans to join the Captain’s Council.”

“I did indeed. But then, with the dogs of war unleashed, you are either a politician or you are dead. So we venture out here, further away from the Hinterland pirate raids. Speaking of which, wasn’t this Cho Sun’s ship?”

“It was.” That was all Beldin said. [MORE]


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