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Wednesday, June 17

Naoke: Part 9 – The Prisoner

A huge force rocked the Nǎoké. Without warning, the entire vessel shuddered violently, as if struck by a great obstacle.

Vlad peered over the edge of the ship. “I don’t see anything.”

Whatever the ship had rammed into, it wasn’t visible. The vessel’s bowsprit, caved into the likeness of an angel of death, had been smashed to splinters. Judging from the cries of the sailors, it was apparent that the bow had taken damage. Though the sails were still filled with wind, the ship had stopped dead in the water, obviously because it had run directly into something. Yet nothing appeared beyond the ship but open sea and black night sky.

“Shh” said Ilmarė. “I hear something.”

Shouting sailors rushed back and forth between the bow and the storage lockers, quickly mending the fractured portions of the hull.

“I don’t hear anything either,” said Kham. “Besides the crew, that is.”

Suddenly the elorii hopped down off of the bow of the ship, disappearing from sight.

Vlad gasped. “Ilmarė?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:01 AM

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