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Thursday, June 25

Shadows: Prologue

It was an ugly day. The sun hadn’t shown its face at all, seemingly content to hide behind the swollen blanket of clouds that covered Freeport. Worse, the rain was nothing more than a drizzle, enough to awaken old stenches and stains, but not enough to wash the filth from the sewers.

“So this is Cresh Manor,” said Vlad.

Kham, Beldin, and Vlad stood inside the entrance to a veritable wilderness of overgrowth. The street behind them was just visible through the opening in the wall that now only sported one rusted gate hanging from a single bent hinge. The other half lay on the ground, burying who-knows-what beneath its heavy bulk.

“Yolanda said the portal is in the basement, so that’s where we’re going.”

As they looked around, the autumn wind blew through skeletal trees, sending their gaunt limbs rattling and clattering. The life inside them had long since flown, as did the birds and squirrels that once nested in their boughs. A narrow path wound through the tall grasses, stained in places by old blood, a few fluttering carcasses of rotting birds, and tatters of yellow cloth.

“The portal’s been compromised,” said Kham.

“How can you be sure?” asked Vlad.

“Trust me, I just know. I’m the Key to Carcosa, remember?” [MORE]


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