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Tuesday, June 2

To Drakmar: Part 7 – Stepping to Arcanis

All the time, the King looked into Sebastian’s eyes, and he was unable to not look back. He had the sensation of stepping into a void, followed by momentary brief confusion.

Again and again, Sebastian struggled to look away. But he kept finding his gaze slowly, inexorably, dragged back.

Finally, summoning up every fiber of his being, Sebastian stared at the spinning universe around them.

There was a moment of clarity. Sebastian saw stars, star clusters, and planets.

He remembered the phrase from Talbot Estus’ playbook, The Queen and the Stranger.

The stars that burn their charcoal death
Shrink back, they feel the hoary breath
Of he who ransoms great Carcosa
He flees where queen and prophet meet
Where twin suns fall but never set
Escapes the tomb of lost Carcosa.

“Twin suns?” thought Sebastian. “It has to be a binary star…”

Sebastian scanned the infinite horizon and was rewarded with a glimpse of twin stars amidst a patch of black.

And then he intentionally misstepped. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:21 AM

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