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Thursday, July 16

Black Guard: Conclusion

Jim-Bean, Hammer, and Archive walked slowly out of the house, backwards, weapons on the ground.

“We’re with CIFA,” said Hammer. “My badge is on the ground.”

The cops grabbed their badges and cuffed them while they checked out their identification.

Nina Juarez was at the ready, this time with a camera crew.

“Agent Grange,” she said, “we’ve gotten reports that Dr. Bitterich was seen at Revie’s Retreat, a funeral home. Was his death a hoax?”

“I don’t know,” said Hammer, looking a little pale. “You tell me.”

“If they saw Bitterich,” said Archive, frowning, “then that means…” he caught himself when Nina swung the camera to face him.

“What was that?” The floodlight beamed onto Archive’s sweaty face.

Archive smiled and whispered something.

The camera popped and sparked as the floodlight went out. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:11 AM

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