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Tuesday, July 14

Black Guard: Part 10 – Dead Rising

There was a slam, and then the door burst open. Two men entered wearing badges on dark black overcoats.

“This is the police,” shouted a blonde man in an overcoat. “Put your weapons down!”

Hammer held up his badge. “I am Counter-Intelligence Field Agent. You put your weapon down!”

“I am Detective Martin and you have no jurisdiction here! This is my crime scene! Now put your weapons down!”

Jim-Bean, who had run over to check on Archive, squinted at the dark-haired man behind Martin. “Revinowitz? What’s the forensic examiner doing here?”

Martin fired his pistol, missing Hammer. Hammer retaliated, but bullets sparked off an invisible force field around them.

“Hammer, get ready!” Jim-Bean flipped down his gas mask over his face. Then he tore a tear gas grenade off his belt and tossed it onto the steps.

Both Revinowitz and Martin were chanting when the tear gas exploded.

Revinowitz’s concentration broke first. He gagged and wheezed, clawing at his eyes.

Hammer raked the steps with gunfire, separating Martin from Revinowitz.

Jim-Bean charged up the steps and grabbed Revinowitz by the hair. With a heave, he tossed him off the edge… [MORE]

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