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Friday, July 31

Castle Ambrose: Part 10 – The Black Room

Ebony paint covered the walls and ceiling of this room. A sable carpet covered the floor. The scent of henbane, assaofetida, and hellebore root filled the room. All the furniture in the room was lacquered black.

A hulking black monstrosity with a string of gleaming yellow eyes dotting either side of its head lunged at the open door.

Beldin rushed forward, driving his shield into the thing’s mouth to keep it bay. Vlad came in quickly behind.

They were trapped in a stalemate. The beast’s massive claws threatened Beldin, but it was too distracted by the shield lodged in its mouth. Its jaws were massive and corded; Beldin’s shield groaned under the weight.

“Do something!” shouted Beldin. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:37 AM

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