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Thursday, July 16

Castle Ambrose: Part 2 – The Forest of Doom

Kham lay on the ground.

“So I think I’m in grass now. Are we outside?”

They had managed to close the door behind them. Whatever things were stalking them in the hallway before were not willing to venture beyond.

“Not quite,” said Beldin. Vlad and Beldin’s vision had cleared faster than Kham’s. “We seem to be in some sort of indoor forest. It’s a huge octagon-shaped building with seven domes.”

“That’s interesting.” Kham rolled over, enjoying the feel of sunlight on his skin. “Let’s just wait here until my vision comes back.”

“IF it comes back,” said Vlad.

Kham ignored him. “Describe it to me.”

Beldin looked up. “The domes are nearly a hundred feet high. Looks like they’re made of thick panes of clear glass that let sunlight filter into the garden forest. Lots of trees, plants, grasses, and bushes.”

“I can hear water,” said Kham.

“Yep, a stream,” said Vlad. “There’s a path too.”

They lay there for a long moment in silence.

“Uh, boss?”

“Yeah, Skiz?”

“I couldn’t help but notice that we seem to be moving closer to the trees.”

Kham sat up. “What?” [MORE]


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