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Saturday, July 18

Castle Ambrose: Part 4 – The Fountain of Death

In the center of the indoor forest was a circular pool of water. A stream that wandered through the forest fed the pool.

“Beldin,” Kham warned the dwarf, “I don’t care how tempting that chest looks, don’t touch it.”

In the middle of the pool was a fountain shaped like three interlinked gargoyles. The gargoyles sprayed water from their mouths. Embedded at the base of the trio of statues was the lid of a padlocked metal chest.

“It could be important,” said Beldin. “We should open it just to be sure.”

“It’s a trap,” said Kham. “How could it not be a trap? Everything in this place is a trap.”

“Fine.” Beldin crossed his arms. “But I think it’s a mistake.”

“Hey boss!” shouted Skiz, wiggling through the keyhole to the chest. “There’s a silver key in here!”

Kham double-checked his haversack. His pet rat had run over to the fountain during their argument. “Damn it Skiz! Get out of there!” [MORE]


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