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Tuesday, July 21

Castle Ambrose: Part 6a – The Throne Room

The walls of the throne room were covered with mosaics depicting courtly scenes. The floor was polished marble. Two thrones sit atop a raised dais. At the east end of the room a red velvet carpet ran from the double doors to the thrones.

“Now this I recognize,” said Kham.

A skeletal figure sat on one of thrones. The skeletons were dressed in rotting velvet. One held a jeweled mace. Twenty more skeletons stood on guard, ten each along the north and south walls.

“I don’t remember skeletons in the play,” said Beldin.

The guards wore rusted armor and carried halberds with rusted blades. Another dozen skeletons, wearing decayed court dress, stood in front of the thrones. The skeletons’ bones were fused by the devastation so that they stood in rigid poses, a courtier bowing, a lady leaning sideways to gossip, and so on.

“You’re right,” said Kham. “This is after the fact.” He looked at Sebastian. “And let me guess. You’re the Stranger, right?”

Sebastian took to the air, huge bat wings flapping. There was a shimmering translucent aura about him.

Kham squinted. It had a vaguely feminine shape. He suddenly understood what Sebastian was trying to tell him: where Queen and Prophet meet. Literally. It was…

”Cassilda!” shouted Kham. “Let him go!” [MORE]


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