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Thursday, July 23

Castle Ambrose: Part 7 – Card Room

“Thank you,” was all Sebastian said.

Kham rose to his feet. The effort to blast Camilla from Sebastian’s body had nearly collapsed him. “It’s a scary place inside your head.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” came the muffled reply. “Are you sure you still want to see this room? It holds a fated deck of cards. When I turned the card, it did…not go well.”

Beldin pushed open the door. “I want to see what fate will deal me.”

Vlad agreed and entered behind him.

Kham shrugged. “I’m done with games of chance, especially in this place.”

The walls of the room were wood paneled and a plush carpet covered the floor. A number of card tables and wooden chairs were scattered around the room. Sitting behind a table in the middle of the room was a matronly woman dressed like a gypsy. On the table in front of her were ten cards, face down. The cards were arranged in two rows of five cards each.

As soon as the door opened, the woman said, “Welcome, come in, come in. The cards know all. The cards see all. Make yourselves comfortable. Who’ll be the first to choose a card? Pick a card, any card.”

Beldin sat down in front of the woman. He jutted his lower lip out while he considered which card to pick. Then he drew one and looked at it. [MORE]


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