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Thursday, July 30

Castle Ambrose: Part 9b – The Green Room

Vlad, Sebastian, and Beldin entered the room just in time to see the green giant dispatch the frost salamander.

“If you’re tough enough to try out my game, come here quickly and claim the weapon!” exclaimed the giant. “I give up all rights; he will get it for keeps.”

Beldin and Vlad looked at each other in disbelief.

"Hah! Where have your pride and your power gone, your bragging boasts, your big words? Your little invisible friend still tries to circumvent me, but it will do no good!”

He let out a laugh so loud that Vlad winced with shame; the blood shot to his flushed face and churned with rage and raised a storm until his heart burned.

"Look here, have you lost your mind?” asked Vlad. “Hand me that axe -- I will grant you the gift you beg me to give!"

Vlad lifted the axe from the giant’s hand.

The giant advanced while Vlad held the axe, both hands on the haft, hefted it sternly, considered his stroke. That burly giant bulked big and tall, a head higher than Vlad. He stood there hard-faced, stroking his beard, impassively watching as he pulled off his coat, no more moved or dismayed by his mighty swings than anybody would be if somebody brought him a bottle of wine.

Beldin put one hand out. “Wait. This is a giant. He’s offering an axe. Give it to me.”

Vlad handed the axe to the dwarf. [MORE]


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