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Thursday, July 23

Evil Stars: Part 1 – The Inevitable Happens

Hammer, Jim-Bean, and Archive drove down a large black truck down a four-lane thoroughfare--two lanes each northeast and southwest—past dusty commercial offices and light industry.

“You see that?” asked Jim-Bean, looking back over his shoulder out the window.

“What?” asked Hammer, eyes on the road.

“Motorcycles. Lots of ‘em.”

The thrum of motorcycle engines was suddenly all around them.

Three motorcycles pulled up on either side of them. Each motorcycle was driven by a massive biker wearing leathers, a beard, sunglasses, dangling skull-and-crossbones earrings, confederate flag patches, imitation Iron Crosses, and handlebars that end in spiked mace heads. All of the biker gang wore jackets with a cartoon face of Satan flanked by Capital S’s on their backs. One biker-man's T-shirt read “GLC”.

Riding behind two of the bikers were tough-looking young blondes dressed less remarkably. Each woman carried a medium-sized flat box with the butt end propped against her right thigh. One biker-woman's pants had a two-inch circle carefully cut in the seat, through which showed skin and a neatly-tattooed yellow triskelion.

“Hammer,” said Archive, “there’s a black van in front and behind us—“

The truck jolted as the van behind them hit its bumper. The van in front began to slow down.

“They’re boxing us in!” shouted Hammer. [MORE]


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