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Thursday, July 30

The Evil Stars: Part 4 – Billy’s Club

A tall, muscular man entered with a pig-like squint to his eyes. He's dressed in the traditional riding leathers of a biker, complete with Satan's Sadists vest. He was huge and muscular, with python-like arms, a bald head covered by a do-rag, and bristling with hostility. In one arm was a fire ax, and a shotgun was in the other. The entire bar went silent when he entered.

“Billy,” said Hammer. He drew his pistols, unnoticed.

“Uh, excuse me suh,” said the owner, a small, shifty-looking tcho-tcho. “No weapons allowed he—“

Billy put the shotgun to the tcho-tcho’s head and pulled the trigger. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:09 AM

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