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Friday, July 31

Evil Stars: Part 5 – Billy Smash!

Bekleys Auto Repair appeared to be just another small shop on Toronto’s south side. With its crumbling facade and dirty windows, few people gave the store more than a passing glance. Inside, the repair shop looked even worse, with its peeling wallpaper, creaking floorboards and layers of dust thick enough for mice to ski on.

Many of the people in the neighborhood wondered how Tom and Rose Bekley could support themselves with the meager few customers who wandered in every few weeks. Naturally, the police checked by occasionally to make sure the Bekleys weren’t selling drugs, or fencing stolen goods. But everything was legal and quite innocuous. The auto parts worked even if they were highly overpriced. There just weren’t any customers.

However, Tom and Rose secretly worked for Majestic-12. Green Box #14 was a standard example of the storage facilities maintained by the Majestic-12 janitorial staff.

Jim-Bean and Hammer dragged Billy into the room between them. A nervous Star entered accompanied by Archive.

Hammer nodded at Tom. Tom nodded back and flicked a supposedly “broken” light switch behind the counter. It opened a reader for a Majestic-12 cistron in the bathroom.

Hammer held up his cistron to the reader. The wall slid back to reveal a hidden passage that led to a small elevator. They clambered into it.

The elevator descended one hundred and forty feet down into the sub-sub-basement. The center floor of the warehouse had a small elevator capable of moving a six-foot square box. Below were three work areas.

They dragged Billy to the labs. The small testing and processing lab was common to Green Box facilities. A workshop filled the remaining space. It was stocked with raw materials and electronic replacement parts. At the end of the room were three ten-foot by ten-foot specialty rooms with double airtight doors. They trussed Billy up, upside down, hanging from a hook in the holding tank. Hammer replaced Billy’s plastic handcuffs with steel-alloy manacles. When they were sure he was secure, they closed and locked the massive door.

Archive scribed something in chalk on the doorway.

“What’s that?” asked Jim-Bean.

“A ward,” said Archive. “Just in case.” [MORE]


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