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Monday, July 6

Shadows: Part 5 – Storeroom

The steps descended into a small cellar. Racks, shelves, old crates, boxes, and barrels filled the room. A puddle of water glistened briefly with blue light and then faded. Emerging from the shadows was a naked young man, fear painting his features.

“Emric?” Kham asked in disbelief.

Emric began sobbing. “You’ve got to take me with you!”

“Careful,” said Beldin impassively. “It could be a trap.”

“I’ll take him outside to the Sea Lord’s Guard,” said Vlad. “He’ll be safer there.”

“No!” shouted Emric. He was shivering. “I’m safer here with you!”

Kham took off his jacket and put it around the boy’s shoulders. “What happened?”

“Quelch. Elijah Quelch.”

“We killed him,” Vlad said resolutely. “We saw him fall into the canal.”

Emric just stared at Vlad. “It wasn’t enough.”

“What did he want with you?” asked Beldin.

“He’s kidnapping children…creating a portal to the Unspeakable One’s world. He plans to gate in hundreds of k’n-yan and plunge Freeport into Carcosa, as Lucius Roby did.”

Kham looked sideways at Emric. “How did you know that?”

Emric lifted his chin, defiant. “I’m supposed to be Sea Lord one day myself, remember? Uncle Thralen keeps both ears to the ground.”

“Arrogant, confident, and not wearing a lick of clothing…” Kham shrugged. “You must be Emric.” [MORE]


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