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Thursday, July 23

Want to Publish My Novels?

I'm looking for a publisher for three novels (action horror, YA fantasy, epic fantasy) of over 80,000 words each. Here are the descriptions for each:

DUN (action horror): Combining Japanese-style viral horror with the creeping dread of Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow, Dun posits the question: What if years of subliminal advertising could be subverted to drive you mad? An unwitting couple, struggling to determine the future of their long-distance relationship, discovers the answer on a cruise ship when a video that drives people crazy is unleashed. It’s up to the FBI to get to the bottom of the conspiracy before the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign releases the video on its final target: the world’s biggest conference center in Salt Lake City.

AWFULLY FAMILIAR (YA fantasy): Scrap is a rat with nothing but his wits and the magical ability to speak with animals and people. Escaping his captors, he begins a long journey to discover his origins as a human boy. Along the way, he befriends Durga the Rat Queen, a will-o’-wisp named Will (of course), Lycus the pickpocket, Baba Yaga, and his best friend Switch. Untangling his secret past, Scrap discovers a magical conspiracy that just might save the fate of the kingdom itself.

THE WELL OF STARS (epic fantasy): Filled with macabre humor, high sorcery, and an epic quest, The Well of Stars follows the adventures of three unlikely protagonists dragged into a plague-ridden war after the original heroes failed. It features a quirky necromanceress, a one-eyed prince with memory loss, a former opera-singer turned zombie, a snooty elf with terrible aim, an incomprehensible dwarf, a ranger who couldn't track his way out of a box, and snowboarding Eskimos. Along the way, a woman with a knack for zombies and a man who can’t see straight might just find true love and save the world.

Interested? Contact me at http://michael.tresca.net.

posted by Michael Tresca at 10:33 PM

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