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Monday, August 24

Castle Ambrose: Conclusion

In the center of this room was an ornate mahogany casket. The casket rested on a raised dais. A silver candelabra and an iron brazier stood at the head and feet of the casket. The candelabra held burning amber candles, and perfumed smoke rose from the brazier. A large tapestry covered all the wall space, depicting the murder of Aldones by Camilla.

Carved into the inside lid of the casket were the words “Burn the tapestry to break my curse”. A skeleton wearing a crown of gold lay inside the casket.

Sebastian set fire to the tapestry.

A man dressed in rich yellow robes and wearing a golden crown and other fine jewelry suddenly appeared, stepping out of the smoke and ashes.

“Aldones Stefan Ambrose.” Beldin recognized him from the last time they met in Freeport.

Aldones stretched and said, “Thanks, I’ve been trapped in there for ages.”

The tomb disappeared and they were back outside of the Cresh House in Freeport.

“And thus the war between the masked men and the naked is at an end,” said Aldones. “The King in Yellow has come again to Carcosa…and failed to come to Arcanis, as was foretold. There was much that needed to be undone, which you have completed and by doing so, reforged the Covenant of the Sign.”

“So it’s really over?” asked Vlad. “The Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign? The Unspeakable One? All that?”

Aldones smiled. “We have triumphed in the war. And thus I am the inheritor of the King in Yellow, and have reclaimed the Dynasty.” He turned to Sebastian. “The price was the fixing of the mask. And you have paid it.”

Sebastian reached hesitantly for the mask on his face. “I can…remove it?”

“You could always remove it, poor tortured Sebastian.” [MORE]


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