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Saturday, August 1

Castle Ambrose: Part 11 – Magical Letter Square

A large square grid was painted on the floor in the middle of the room. The grid was five ten-foot by ten-foot squares long and wide, a total of twenty-five squares. A huge capital letter was painted in the middle of each square. There was a door on the other side of the room, but to reach it they would have to step on several of the painted squares.

Sebastian mulled it over. “It’s all in Hasturic: Gohen, Orare, Hazah, Eraro, and Nehog.”

Kham peered at the letter in front of him. “And that means…”

“Eraro means shapeshifters. That’s all I know.”

“Great, so I don’t want step on Eraro.” Kham swigged a potion. “In fact, I don’t plan to step on any of them. He took a running lead in the hallway before the room.

“No, wait!”

Kham leaped, clearing the room and slamming into the door on the far side of the wall.

“He made it,” said Beldin with relief.

“Oh sure,” Kham called out behind him. “I just can’t see anything.”

“Blind again?” asked Vlad. “One day I’ll teach you how to blind-fight.”

“Yeah, thanks, that’s helpful. I’m going to keep going.”

“But you can’t see!” shouted Sebastian.

“Skiz will guide me. SKIZ! Wake up!”

Kham felt his way out of the room as his pet rat poked its head out of his haversack. [MORE]


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