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Friday, August 7

Castle Ambrose: Part 16 – Entrance to the Land of the Ghouls

Vlad composed himself. “You’re sure it’s in here?”

“We’ve been over this,” said Sebastian. “The key can’t be anywhere else. We dealt with the hellhound kennels and the great worm. Neither of them had it.”

Beldin made a face. “I practically swam through that worm’s entrails looking for it too.”

“But…does it have to be ghouls?”

Sebastian sighed. “We will make this quick. On my count, I will unleash my most destructive magicks. Clean up whatever still moves when I’m done. Ready?”

“Ready,” said Beldin.

“I guess,” said Vlad. “I can smell them through the door.”


Vlad gripped his sword and shield. He had nearly been turned into a ghoul, dragged by the things in Freeport into their warren.


It took all of Father Peg-Leg’s magic to reverse the curse. It was a painful process.

“Three!” [MORE]


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